Kamis, 18 Juli 2013

Bahasa Inggris

Tugasnya Mrs Warnaning waktu semester 3 , lumayan kali aja berguna untuk adek-adek kelasku :) 


Nurse  :”Good afternoon. Puspita Hospital.
                 Can I help you?” 
Caller  :”Afternoon.Could I speak to Dr.Santi please?”
Nurse  :” I'am sorry.What is your name?”
Caller  :” My name is Linda.I'am doctor from Bhakti Husada Hospital”.
Nurse  :”Please, wait a minute”.
Caller  :”All right”
Nurse  :”I'am sorry, Dr.Santi in this day is free.She isn't at hospital”.
Caller  :”Yes, please ask her to meet me tomorrow at Nadia Cafe”.
Nurse  :”All right Dr. , anything else?  
Caller  :”Yes please ask her to call me this right”.
Nurse   :”I'am sorry.Can I have your phone number please?”
Caller  : “OK,083874214714”.
Nurse  :”That is 083874214714?”
Caller  : “That's right”.
Nurse :”OK. I will give her your message”.
Caller  :”Thank you”.
Nurse  :”You are welcome”.


Receptionist :“ Good morning”
Visitor          :” Morning”
Recepyionist: “Welcome ti Hotel Patra
                      What can I do for you?”
Visitor          : “I want to order one room for 2 days. Where is the room that blank?”
Receptionist : “Hmm..... Ok. You can stay in room number 292.”
Visitor          :”OK”
Receptionist : “ I hope you enjoy your stay”
Visitor          :”Thank you”
Receptionis  :”You are welcome. Would you like some help with your luggage ?”

Visitor          :”OK. My luggage very heavy. Please help me to bring my luggage.”
Receptionist :”That's right. Here is your key.”
Visitor          :”OK, Yeach”

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